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  1. F

    No BMS on LiFePO4 cells

    Hi, I'm looking to build a grid tied storage system for home: PV + Inverters + Battery - 48V from 16 x LiFePO4 @ 200Ah. When I get the batteries I intend to: Measure individual cell voltage & Internal impedance. I will closely match the cells & use the leftovers for other things. Put them all...
  2. L

    Build Your Own Custom Voltage (12 Volts Default) Lithium ion Battery Bank

    I have made a video on Youtube about the prototype of a high-quality battery bank that I have developed and tested over more than 6 months now. It is Lithium-ion battery-based and the current prototype uses a 4s combination. I have built it to output dual 12 volts and each output can deliver up...
  3. J

    Hybrid 2 stroke RC car lithium battery/power management system design questions

    Hi, Im going to build a rather large RC car using a specific 2 stroke engine i have, the purpose of the project is to make a vehicle using this engine but also implement various features you might see in actual automobiles, its unavoidable in case anyone wanted to say i should just do 100%...
  4. A

    Battery Management System Design

    Hi all I am in the process of designning a battery measurement and balancing system I was thinking of using a TI BQ76930, I am following the design guidelines found on pages 4-7 (http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/tiduar8b/tiduar8b.pdf). The main issue I am having with this design is identifiying the...
  5. Cool Name11

    Constructing a 3s li-ion battery pack with a bms?

    I want to construct a 3 s 18650 li-ion battery pack with a bms, could somebody please help me in constructing this circuit i have no idea about the bms and the connections, also please provide a link of all the product that will be used
  6. F

    Battery Management System

    Hi, everyone! I am student and new to Battery Management System. I am interesting in Control Theory, so, that's why I choose BMS to make my graduation work. I found lectures of Dr.Gregory L.Plett to start. Unfortunately, I really can not understand and found answer for my question on the...

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