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Automotive 6 Volt Generator Transistor Voltage Regulator


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Backwards on the output side. So, opening the MOSFET "disables" the gen field. Thanks for the update.

Yes, I didn't have any 50 ohm resistors. So, the 47ohms had to replace. I should have labeled the picture with the functions. Everything runs linearly right to left except the MP350 output which runs to the IRF540 on the base. I tried to keep everything inside the sealed cap to keep it dry. Hope it doesn't make the MOSFET and the 80A rectifier run hotter.



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Probably be ok, the MOSFET's Don't get hot unless they are 1/2 way on. The Cutout Diode will get very hot with the headlights on but if it's mounted against the metal with a heat sink insulator it would track a few degrees over Generator Temperature, I have seen mine hit 250'F and still work fine. I think the The 82CNQ030 center tap Schottky rectifier module Cutout Diodes have a 150' C rating It will need to dissipate about 15 watts. IR 82CNQ030.
P.S. You can find them on e-bay for about $5 each plus shipping.
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Danwvw Dan. You developed a pretty good following for this "bumpy" ride of yours. Your schematics remind me of the Radio Shack ones. They don;t have cartoons like Tektronix does and there aren't any Easter Eggs. e.g. When you take the regulator apart, there it is, "a schematic" inside.

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