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Automation.. Receiver.

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As part of a school project, I'm designing and building a home automation system.. Using L293D Motor Driver IC's, I'm opening both a sliding door and curtain.

The L293D requires high and low signals on two inputs to determine direction:
A high and low to move forward, a low and high to move backward and a low and low to halt..
The wireless receiver I am using to trigger the door stays at low and goes high when triggered for between one second and around twelve, this could be used to set the appropriate length of time for the motor to be active.

Therefore I need the motor to move forward when triggered the first time ( a high and low respectively on the l293d) and then backwards the second time (a low and high on the l293d).

Could I do this with an array of 555 IC's.. ANy help would be appreciated, this is the last part of the project.
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