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ATOM Diy module


I have and I will try module soon. Just I'm waiting for delivery of D1071. It was a problem to find it in my country...


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Folks anyone who can assist with specs for the Pink Atom module. This module is used for small 2-stroke engines on mopeds and dirt-bikes. Pretty difficult to find.


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I wonder if there is any module that replaces the pink ATOM module used for VeloSolex mopeds? The problem is that the flywheel has 4 magnets that make it all! IF there is so please a web address etc so I find it! Is not so at home in all product numbers etc and recognizes without wrapping it with, then you know what I need.


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I have an old yamaha outboard from 1980 with fixed ignition timing and one cylinder. I think I need the purple module. Do you know the values? Or can I use the Red module for this?


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I tested the red module. The engine starts perfectly but when I accelerate the engine stops. I also tested the brown and pink module. I do not get a spark with that. Not even if I change the polarity. the nova ii module works perfectly. I do not know what's wrong


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If you purchased Chinese 2SD1071 transistors then theres a good chance they are faulty. I purchased a batch that looked genuine but had poor gain. You could use BU931 transistors from a reliable supplier, as they work.


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debe the work you have done on thes modules has been incredible as well as the willingness to help others. I haven;t built your modules, but "Damn your good!"

There are still manufacturer's using Stens, Mega Fire and Nova names. See: https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=stens+mega+fire+modules&ref=nb_sb_noss

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