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Arduino , DecaWave Dw1000 trek1000

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Hi guys, does anybody know how to connect DecaWave Dw1000 module to Arduino. Has someone already done this? Please give me some information about that. Thanks.
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No , we have a few. Dw1000 is ok . We have connected it through spi and used miso , mosi , irq , sck , ss(chip select) , ground and 3.3V power. Is this the right connection?


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I have downloaded and scanned thru the datasheet for the DW1000, have you tried testing the project using just the simple application circuit shown in the d/s.?


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Our device is on TREK1000. I have manuals from the official site, but i cant find anybody who has connected arduino to trek1000. A few times our module has sent some strange data, but this is not enough.


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What arduino are you using you got watch the pin mapping there not the same on all them
From the link in the video don't look like those are made to hook to a arduino it only had jtag on it.
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Dont think the arduino can do jtag. The arm chip is programmable with jtag but
I've only seen the arduino as isp

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