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arduino projects

  1. D

    can someone help me to provide code for my project using arduino

    am doing a project on automatic gas booking and gas leakage detection system, i need code for doing it in arduino what the project actually does is. it continuously checks the wieght of the lpg cylinder, and it sends a message to the given number , when the lpg gas becomes empty. and the other...
  2. D

    Circuit Design Help (Smart Nortfication System)

    I need to design notification system for my third-year of collage Project ideas; Should be able to post new notifications on website(mobile App) Should be able to send notification as text messages to members who don't have internet access Can any one help me where to start
  3. D

    Monitor the free fall detection and calculate gravitational force

    I am using the accelerometer to detect the vibration but at the same time, I need to test the free-fall detection using wireless sensor with Arduino https://store.ncd.io/product/mma7660fc-3-axis-orientationmotion-detection-sensor-%C2%B11-5-g-accelerometer-i2c-mini-module/ and perform some...
  4. sr13579

    FPM10 Finger print sensors won't work anymore.

    I was trying to upload a code that is supposed to change module password. But I can't do anything after uploading the code. How to fix this issue?
  5. Sandra James

    Need an Arduino Uno

    Hello everyone! I am looking for an Arduino Uno. If anyone has a used one, please contact me.
  6. sr13579

    How to make a bluetooth robo controller app?

    Hello everyone, First I am saying sorry for this post because I think it is not a pure electrical thing. I was looking for someone who can give me an exact source file or teach me about how to integrate bluetooth in android app to control a bot. I am just looking for a very easy code either...
  7. Zahid979

    Arduino , DecaWave Dw1000 trek1000

    Hi guys, does anybody know how to connect DecaWave Dw1000 module to Arduino. Has someone already done this? Please give me some information about that. Thanks.
  8. E

    Building a DIY Launchpad From Scratch

    In this video I build my own diy launchpad from scratch. This project can also be referred to as a 64 button midi controller or Adafruit's untztrument sound board. I used Adafruit's tutorial for the wiring and software, and I used Tinkercad to design a case to print out on my Tronxy 3D printer...

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