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Anyone know a font i could use to make my own formula sheet?

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i was wanting to complie all the formula sheets i've accumulated over the years into one single document (hope that will make it harder to loose:)) and i found that fonts needed for electronics notation such as a character for squared, cube root, sq root, or even decent basic math symbols aren't easy to find.

anyone have either a font that does contain all of these characters, or can anyone reccomend a program that might make it a bit easyier to lay everything out (mabye excell, i have no idea only used excell once because i was forced to for a school project:))

any help is appricated!



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Richie - I don't know of a font but I do use two packages that can do some or all of the things you want to do. MS Word has special symbols as well as subscript and superscript. Subscript sets a character or characters that follow about 1/2 space below - superscript above. An example - if you wanted to express "x squared" you'd type 'x' then superscript the 2.

MathCAD does a nice job with that too - the neat thing is that MathCAD formulas are live and they'll actually "do the math" for you. I put together worksheets for repetitive work that I do so all I have to do is plug in the numbers. The downside - the last time I looked, MathCAD was about $800 a copy.


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Use "SYMBOL" font which has maximum number of latin symbols.


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I usually write math equations using MS Word. Simply open your MS Word and create a document. Then click Insert->Object (or altenatively just press alt+i then o) and choose microsoft equation 3.0. The equation window will open. You'll see a lot of button with symbols that you need. Experiment with them :-D

Dean Huster

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Impossible fonts or symbols.

If you get to the point where you need something that's next-to-impossible to find as a character in a font set, you can always "roll your own" equation in MS Paint and then import that equation as a graphic into your word processor. I've been known to do such things using WordPerfect 8 where the Symbol font falls short. That usually only happens when there's an equation where there's multiple depths of division making for a "4-story" fraction.



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This is probably complete overkill for what you want, but the way math is typeset for like mathematical papers and the like is with a program called LaTeX.

It is a little difficult to get used to at first, but it prints math out beautifully (it also excells at layout, and times when you have something like a bibliography). Your work ends up in either PS or PDF with no loss of quality. You can also convert it to HTML and some other things.

Anyways, if you want more info go to the TeX Users Group (http://www.tug.org), the particular distribution I use is fpTeX (http://www.fptex.org).

EDIT: BTW LaTeX is free and availible for Windows, Linux, Mac and others
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