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Anyone is familiar with fingerprint scanner????

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I am currently working on my final year project.it is something to do with fingerprint scanner.Where can I get the scanner and how to program it so that it can match the fingerprint on the scanner with the stored data?which programming(C++,VB or other else) that i have to use?Any website contains information about this?Thanks for your time :D


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One company who manufactures FingerPrint sensors is ATMEL. Try visiting its website www.atmel.com. You can use either microcontrollers or your PC for your purpose. I think uC would be a good solution. Because spending $$$ in a computer just for fingerprint scanning is foolishness and wastage of resources unless you want to keep a large database of fingerprints. But even newly availabe Flash Memories can also do the job. For programming C or C++ is far better compared to VB. Vb can't access serial or parallel port directly (i.e. without any ActiveX).
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