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Alto TS110a Powered Speaker Powers On, But No Sound

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Hi guys. I have an Alto TS110a powered speaker that, out of the blue, stop outputting sound. Still powers on fine, but no sound, regardless of which input I use. I know these are relatively cheap powered speakers, so most people say throw it in the garbage and buy a new one, but if I don't HAVE to spend $200, then I don't want to.

I'm proficient with a soldering iron. I just don't know components and circuits, really. So telling me it's the output stage theoretically makes sense to me, but when I look at the board, I have no clue which section that is, or which components to test/replace, or how to test them. I'm more of a "you point to it, I'll desolder and resolder the new component" kind of guy...
But I'm willing to learn!

I can post pics, if needed.


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that's a class-D amplifier, probably cheaper built than an LG sound bar amplifier... chances are it's the chip (modulator and amplifier all in one), in which case it's not an easy repair. there are some things you can check. make sure you have your power supply voltages. check and see if you have audio going into, and coming out of the preamp circuits. if all of that is ok, it's probably the modulator/output chip. if it's SMT or BGA, they are not easy to replace.

too bad it's not an analog amp.... those are usually repairable.
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