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A Beacon

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I'd like to build a simple beacon, say one tha transmits a simple 'Beep, Beep' signal, i would like it to be quite powerfu, lets say it could be detected in a 400 meter radius, the other thing is I would like it to broadcast at about 35Mhz, for this project I wanted to build something a little bit different, I have no experience in building more powerful transmitters at this frequency, could someone please provide me with an appropriate design please.
Thanks SlicRic


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What kind of license do you have?
How about doing it at 27MHz in the CB.


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Get a $10.00 walkie talkie with a "tone call button."
Connect a flip flop to this part of the circuit and it will produce a beep.
Extend the antenna and it will transmit 400 metres.
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