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A 3 Digit (7 segments) Digital Display with Touch switch

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Musa Zakaria

New Member
I want to have a 3 digit (7 segments) digital display with on/off touch switch. The system will show 000 when it is started (power switched on), and by the touching the switch of even number (2, 4, 6, and so on) times the display will show increasing counts:

the switch touched 2 times - the display show: 001
the switch touched 4 times - the display show: 002
the switch touched 6 times - the display show: 003 and so on.

The kit maybe consists of:

1 - 3 digit (7 segments) digital display;
1 - printed circuit board with related components on it;
1 - touch plate (on/off) switch.

This unit will be used as a counter that need two times touch to display the increasing numbers. Please, also give an alternative setting if the system need to be changed from even to odd number times touched system.

Can anybody who has had experience in this kind of project help me? Your cooperation and help will be very much appreciated by me. Thank you!

Best regards,
Musa Zakaria
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Musa Zakaria

New Member
I think I just wanna have if there is any design of it, not the kit. Because it is easier for me to find the components here in my area.


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1. We don't know your area, you didn't specify it in your profile.

2. It sounds like a counter with a /2 flip flop on the touch sensor.

I doubt you'll find a ready made solution with PCB that fits your needs exactly, I would hunt through the DIY kits and Velleman. My Dragonfly could be built as you described but would require programming.
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