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7 seg display

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Woops !

Please check your link ...
I get the Geocities.com "This Page is Not Available" message :(


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If you do a right click 'save as' it will come to you.
I would avoid looking at it in Word unless you have your macro's turned off.
The small amount of text could have been easily posted here.

Here is his 'project':
"Draw a schematic diagram showing how an 8086 based microprocessor can be connected with sevent segement display, seven segment driver, memory and keyboard.
Draw a flowchart and write a program to do the following :
A program to look at keyboard entries and store this information to be added with other data entry
A program to do the total sales for the day.
A program which will let the owner to change its tax percentage when it is needed
A program to clear and set the sevent segement display to zero when a particular sales is finished."


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the link is working

I am trying to avoid posting the project on the web. Acutally it does not contain any macros but it contains a scheme. Try Save Target As.
I really need your help. The instructor explained nothing concerning the project. He said it is clear. But what about the seven segment displays . I think there are 6 or 7. I only know how to deal with one. I did not take digital logic or EC yet.
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