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4-6 wire "triggering trap" circuit

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I'm trying to build a 4-6 wire "trigger trap" circuit that has a piece of paper with information about the next clue in a scavenger hunt, inside of a box(or something similar) with a water Balloon resting on top. A pressure plate would be in play, so if the students try to lift the water balloon, without first disarming the device, by first "cutting" the correct wire (Of which there will be 4-6 exposed) then the water balloon would burst. How do I build a curcuit that has 4-6 wires exposed for the students to "cut", and if they cut the wrong one, the water balloon busts, or if they try to remove the balloon without "disarming" it then it bursts, and destroys the paper?

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Lets say you have 6 wires, 5 of them would be connected in series, and these are inline with the power supply to a relay coil, the normally closed contact of said relay connects power to a solenoid that bursts the balloon.
The 6th 'correct' wire is just inline with the balloon bursting solenoid disabling it when cut.
No electronics necessary.
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