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24-30pin connector for digital picture frame

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Hey all I have 3 27" lcd panels that I will be making digital picture frames out of and I am looking for advice on what i can use in order to use only 1 cable going to the digital picture frame since it will be on the wall. The less wires the better.

Currently I will be purchasing the lcd controller boards for these lcd panels. These boards requires a 12vdc @ 4a to power it.

There is also the lvds cable that connects to the back of the panel itself. This usually has 5/3.3vdc going to it.

So does anyone have any possible suggestions for a type of cable that has enough pins for the lvds and power? I was thinking of using a HDMI-I cable but I am unsure if it could handle the 12vdc @4a? And keep in mind I would like to find a cable that's not very expensive since ill need about 15-25ft of it per digital picture frame.


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usually you don't want your Mbit rate cables to hang around your apartment (the data cables have length limit)
4A per display ? ... 48W some 20W and less to luminous power (e.g. what you can see) ... perhaps
? why the power and data cables must be integrated ? you want to issue a new std.
? i might be an "old timer" but as i see this -- no cables to hang around everything "picture" goes behind below above picture -- and you draw your power there by LNPE
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