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22Hz signal transmiter


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i am searching for an amplifier that can amplify 22Hz signal. The output of the amplifier can go upto 20V. This is to be fed to a copper coil antenna of 150ohms impedance. Please advice any such amplifiers.



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Are you sure about 22Hz? If yes, any audio power amp should work. 20*20/150 is less than 3W, less if that is Vpp. Or try a Power OpAmp.


This seems like those devices to chace away people from your property by causing irritation. This is military technology, I don't think you should play with it.


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With those figures, methinks you will have to embed the turns of the coil to damp/prevent annoying vibrations.


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22Hz is a very low audio frequency that you cannot transmit by itself.
Maybe you mean the radio frequency of 22MHz? Or maybe you want to make an induction charger with the receiver as another coil that is beside the transmitter coil?

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