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16x4 / 12x4 character LCD

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I want to make a LCD in a product that have some LED`s at the moment. I know how to put a microprocessor in it so I can use it for control the LCD. But I don`t have much space for the LCD only 50mm width and I want to display some info so I need a 16x4 or 12x4 character LCD with max 50mm width. That can be a COG or so but I have find only 1 but that was on a site that you can`t by from so thats not that good then, so if some know a store or something where I can get a small display then pleace help me.

Thanks Rik,


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I am not sure on the websites to get these from... I do know that they are really popular in the car audio world. If you go to www.mp3car.com and do a search on what you are trying to find. I am sure that they you can find which websites they got theres from. I have visited the sites before but I do not remember the names.

Good Luck!!

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