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150 led circuit

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Hello I need some help, I want to find a kit or schematic on a circiut of 150 led's run by a programmed chip that will, chase, flash, and just light, I can build the circuit I just can't design it , Thanks Dave


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More info needed :wink:

First of all, why 150 LEDs???
Are you going to connect those LEDs in groups of, lets say, 10 LEDs each or should every LED be independant? You could make one light chaser and one light flasher and use a (slider) switch to select the mode (chase, flash, light). Or you can use a uC, arrange LEDs in groups, connect each group to one output from the uC (depending on how many outputs do you have) and create a program that will chase/flash/etc.

Also, please note that uC's outputs can usually handle currents of 20 mA max. so you will need additional transistors that can handle the loads required by LED groups.

This circuit is not complicated at all (provided that you use groups of LEDs and not every LED for itself :)).

EDIT: Another idea! Why not make just one light chaser with 10 channels. When chase speed is high enough it will seem as if the LEDs are flashing and when it's at max. then all LEDs will be lit. Something like those christmas lights...
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