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12V 2A smps circuit.

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i need a 12v 2A smps ciruit, with all protection because have to use it in agriculture field where transient and spike are too much.


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I notice that there is a 2200pf capacitor between real gnd. and output gnd. replace the power input with a 300v dc battery and short out C11. if you are using something like "Tina"/"LTSpice" for your simulator it should be then able to handle it. Remember it is an SMPS so will have to be careful when specifying start and finish times.

Les Jones

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Your schematic shows that the input voltage is zero. Both inputs are connected to -220 volts. I suspect you intend it to be powered bay AC but it should also work with DC input. If you change one of the input pins to 0v it may well work.
I have just noticed that the schematic in your PDF does show an AC input so I think that should work. (Note I don't use simulators. I just build things and trace the problem is they don't work.)

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