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120 volt outlets reading 240

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in the U.S.A. the neutral is never switched (unless the phase is on the same switch), so you should never have lost your neutral.

It can be switched INSIDE equipment, but not the building. I only installed one thing ever that had a switched neutral breaker on the front of the equipment.
90A 3 phase 208 with neutral and ground. That was fun. The thing had hidden connectors, but all the wires were cut including the 15 kV at 2A. They had bets i would never get it working. Bought used.
I agree neutral is open look for a corroded wire At the box or ground rod . That cAn cause weird proublems depending on temp humidity etc. sometimes makes connection sometimes not. Coastal areas are the worst with salt etc. I agree unplug everything until you find the proublem for sure


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The OP has not logged in here for 8 years. I see no reason to continue this discussion. Thread locked.
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