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+12 to +24

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Hi, how can i double my voltage from +12DC to +24DC?? i need a simple circuit that is easy to build and that works well


You can build a voltage doubler circuit. If your current requirements are small, you can buy a single chip solution such as the ICL7660 or MAX1044. (it needs a couple of support components). I believe they can supply around 15mA or so. Maxim also has some other parts along the same lines for higher voltages, inductive switchers, etc. You can also get a DC-DC converter if you need higher currents, but it will be larger and more expensive than these small switched capacitor converters.


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voltage doubler

:D hi,

how about using IN4001 as a half wave voltage doubler. since you did not post what's your current requirement and where you are gonna use it, i cant give the appropiate recommendation. :D


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sorry about not being very specific. I believe the circuit i'm going to use will draw quite a bit of current, the more the better.


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Depends how you are getting your 12v now.
If its a 12v battery,
Then you need another 12v battery to make 24v.

If its a transformer from the mains with a split
winding feeding two diodes for a 12v supply,
then you could use a diode bridge and ignore the
centre tap to get 24v.

If its a switching supply with no transformer
then get someone else to do it.

If its a transformer from the mains feeding a
diode bridge for a 12v supply, then
you need a re-wind or a different transformer.

If its none of the above, then give details.

John :)


Given that your current requirements are higher, assuming your system is getting the 12V from some type of battery or other supply which you cant modify (your auto's electrical system for instance), you could build a switching boost converter to handle just about any load (though the higher the load, the higher the cost of the power switching components). Ned Mohan's Power Electronics book has all the needed mathematics. I have successfully built one entirely from that reference.
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