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  1. D

    MOS Tube GS Waveform Analysis

    For power supply engineers, we look at waveforms many times, including input waveforms, MOS switching waveforms, current waveforms, output diode waveforms, chip waveforms, and GS waveforms of MOS tubes. Let’s take the GS waveform of the switch as an example to talk about the GS waveform. When...
  2. S

    Bypass power switch - help!

    Hi, everyone. I’ve just purchased a mini-dehumidifier that I’m running off a smart plug. Only trouble is that it doesn’t power back on after the plug is turned off. I saw another thread on this forum (from a long time ago) that suggested things might be fairly simply if the unit powers on...
  3. T

    Question about technical limitations of 12v relay switches

    Hi, I'm new here, I've just started a project that has me building an electrical circuit for the first time and I don't really know what I'm doing! I'm hoping someone can answer a quick question. I have a 12v electric motor (has two power levels, at 9A and 20A and it was suggested to go with a...
  4. K

    Circuit of the switch 12v. led-lighting

    One Bit Switcher I offer my own version of the circuit of the switch 12v. led-lighting for the kitchen based on the dual trigger of the hc74 chip. Created with EasyEDA.
  5. D

    Push On - Push Off latching Circuit using an NE555

    Hello, I made a flip-flop circuit using the NE555 to switch on or off some LED bars that I plan to put in my car. Currently I have the LED bars hocked to a SPDT relay and they are setup to come on when the car dome lights come on (closing or opening the doors) On port 87a on the relay I can...
  6. X

    Remotely open door by using same Intercom switch using remote Switch

    Hi, I don't have much knowledge about electronics but I have bought a remote switch using which one can remotely (100 meter distance) turn on/off a light or any other appliance. There is a two buttons "bpt" intercom in my unit. I want to use this remote switch with that intercom such that...
  7. mading2018

    ZVS - LTspice?

    Is ZVS (zero voltage switching) possible in LTspice? :) In that case? How do I implement that in the simulation? Do I need special transistors that is not included in LTspice I imagine... What I understand, compared to hard switching, ZVS (soft switching) make sure to to reduce the turn ON...
  8. Â

    Transient circuit

    My college professor asked us to take a real life problem/device and design and solve its circuit using transient response and Laplace transforms. It has to be a simple circuit, maybe just some capacitors, power source, switch and resistors... My biggest problem is finding a connection to a real...
  9. R

    Derating a switch's load rating with inductive load

    I am selecting a switch to energize a 3/4 hp AC motor. I am concerned about the prospect of contact arcing with such an inductive load. If a switch is rated at 25A @ 125 VAC, it will handle the continuous current, but might there be a reliability issue over time due to contact arcing at turn on?
  10. D

    Switch open only with power

    I'm trying to find a specific type of switch. Once I have power going to a pcb I want the switch to remain off until I switch it on and then stay on after I switch it on. Here's what I'm having a hard time finding. I'm trying to find one that will automatically switch off as soon as the power is...
  11. A

    5V to 12V High Current Switch

    I am using a MSP430 to switch a high powered LED. MSP430 output pin can source 5ma at 5V. I want to switch a 12V source to a LED that will be driving 5A and it will be switched like a strobe very quickly. I need some help with choosing the right transistor or MOSFET in order to accomplish...
  12. Ajith Gopi

    Close circuit on click

    I'm new to electronics and I wanna make a circuit that will start continues connection to another circuit on pulse. In long, If the current circuit gets a pulse, an led (suppose) will glow and will not turn off until the battery is disconnected. I'm planning to make a laser-ldr alarm and don't...

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