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  1. B

    Digital Multimiter issue

    Hi guys, I have a digital multimeter from TTI reference 1604, it was involved in a short circuit with no fuses installed, and now, it's not functioning as you can see in the picture, When it'spluged to power, it makes a noise from its buzzer, and displays random things on its display...
  2. S

    Help In Identifying Power Transformer Replacement

    Hi All! Never done a forum post before but I thought I'd give it a shot to see if anyone out there had any insight into an issue I'm running into on a repair I'm doing! QUESTION: I need help in identifying what the specifications are on this power transformer (pictures below!). It appears...
  3. B

    Trying to repair electrical heating pad (TK-HP2412)

    I bought this heating pad, and it worked 5-6 times I tried it (for 2-3 days). Then one day it just didn't want to heat. I somehow managed to make it heat 1 more time after this (I do not know how - pure luck), and since then no matter what I try it will not heat (I just try to change settings...
  4. K

    HP 180C Oscilloscope repair attempt - no traces and hissing noise.

    Hi all, I noticed a wealth of knowledge and advice on these forums regarding oscilloscope repair, so I had to sign up! I while back I purchased a HP 180C. I have had it in storage a while and have finally pulled it out as a project to work on. Unfortunately it seems that I have no beam at...
  5. D

    Stabilising supply of noisy DSO-2250 oscilloscope

    I've had a DSO-2250 9-bit/250MSps/60MHz scope for a decade, bought "new", and it's always had a large ripple voltage (about 1/3 of a division) overlayed on any signal. The ripple sometimes made the DSO barely usable. At some stage I put a filter on the USB cable inline with the power; this...
  6. G

    Need help repairing a B+K 1650 Tri-Output Power Supply

    Hi all, I recently came into possession of an old B+K 1650 Tri-Output Power Supply that has seen better days, and I would love some help with getting it back to normal again. There are pictures and a video, as well as links to the schematic, user's manual, and parts list in this Imgur album. I...
  7. M

    Repair Lecroy Waverunner 104MXi

    Hi, I am trying to repair a Lecroy Waverunner 104MXi. The problem is when you plug it in and switch it ON, windows starts booting but then it just turns off. Now if I try to switch the oscilloscope ON again then it does not work until and unplug it and plug it back in again. I wanted to look at...
  8. D

    Old Radio Antenna

    Hello, I am new here and I need help with an old portable radio antenna. It seems to have gotten the solid tip stuck or fallen into the entire thing. If there is a way to get this solid tip out could you please tell me?
  9. W

    Fixing a pair of headphones

    First things first, they look like Beats, but I’m pretty sure these are knockoffs. Nonetheless, they sound pretty good, and I picked them up at Goodwill for a steal and love a challenge, so if someone is interested on taking on this electronics mystery with me I’d be incredibly grateful...
  10. L

    AIWA CX-NA777 CD Repair, please help!!

    Okay so I am completely new to electronics, but I am a professional Home Contractor with lots of experience fixing things in general. Recently I decided to try to fix up a stereo for my shop, and so I went and salvaged an AIWA CX-NA777 Stereo system that worked decently except for the CD...
  11. S

    Victron centaur battery charger overcharging, please help diagnose and repair

    Hi there, I have a Victron Centaur battery charger, 12v 200 amp output. It's a monster! On inspection it's actually two identical 100a chargers in the same case, connected in parallel. Other than a tiny 3 wire cable whose purpose I'm not sure of, there is nothing connecting the two chargers...
  12. P

    USB Port (Type B) Broken... Can this be fixed?

    I have a Zoom G5 pedalboard for guitar effects, but the plastic port came loose and disconnected from the 2 metal prongs. 1 of the prongs is broken, I have attempted to solder it back on with no luck due to my lack of experience in this field. If I take it to a shop to repair, would it be...
  13. U

    Repair help regards wall ac adapter

    Hello Friends, I am trying to repair a Panasonic Wall ac adapter (6V, 500ma) smps based, I checked with multimeter no output, checked and internal fuse with continuity and all okay, I am attaching pics, im novice so donno what else may be wrong in it, front and back image of pcb with components...
  14. JLNY

    Making a replacement cable for a HP 8445B spectrum analyzer preselector

    Hello All, Lately, I have been working on building a replacement for a somewhat rare cable assembly for communicating between a HP 141T/8555A/8552 mainframe spectrum analyzer and a HP 8445B "Automatic Preselector" add-on box, and I thought I would document my work here for others to follow. A...
  15. K

    Need Help Repairing Old PCB

    I collect old vhs, and recently got some cool gimmick ones that light up when you press a button. However, they are almost 30 years old and no longer work. Taking a look at the pcb both were heavily corroded. I scraped off as much green corrosion as I could and replaced batteries but no luck...
  16. A212

    One Logitech X230 stereo speaker not working

    I recently acquired a Logitech X230 speaker set, with subwoofer and stereo speakers from a friend, but was dismayed to learn that the left speaker is non-operational. The other one and the subwoofer work fine. Im a complete noob to sound/speakers, so I decided to open it up and look for broken...
  17. J

    Help repairing an Headset with dual jack connector

    Hi guys! This is my first post here because I'm in trouble finding a right solution to repair my headset. So this is my headset: And I broke to two jacks and lost them. The cable is cut before the plastic splitter and I´ve got an image with the cables. There are 1 green, 1 red, one copper...
  18. D

    Help repairing several Reconyx trail cameras

    Hello my fellow members, I have several Reconyx trail cameras that are broken and I am hoping someone can help me with. They cost around $600,- per camera and I am not able to send them out for warranty. These cameras are used to capture photos of wildlife (jaguars, tapir, etc.) and are...
  19. Spuriosity

    Repair of a BWD 820 Oscilloscope

    I recently managed to acquire a broken BWD 820 CRO for $20 and was planning on fixing it. According to the person I bought it from, it was working fine until the fuse blew in it - now, the fuse blows whenever you replace it and try to turn it back on. Does anyone with experience repairing CROs...
  20. A

    I don't have a Soldering iron?

    I'm repairing an HTC Desire 816 that had a broken screen and LCD. I fixed all of that but the battery terminal was some how pulled away from the circuit board. I need to solder the terminal back onto the circuit board in order to charge the phone. However, I don't have a soldering iron. Is there...
  21. B

    Repairing Blown Circuit - Overpowered with 10v 2.4amp instead of 5v 2amp

    Hello, I know near nothing about circuits and am happy to learn what I need, to get this repaired. Where do I start? I have a bluetooth music receiver with digital out (toslink coax) purchased from overseas. I connected an incorrect power supply and it no longer works (I first connected the...
  22. N

    Repairing QPAD QH-90 Headset

    Hi, so I have a QPAD QH-90 gaming headset that I am trying to repair. From the headset is a cable that then splits into a TRS plug for audio, and one for the microphone. The cable for the microphone broke behind the plug, so I was going to solder on a new plug. But the wires inside doesn't look...

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