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Old Radio Antenna


New Member
Hello, I am new here and I need help with an old portable radio antenna.
It seems to have gotten the solid tip stuck or fallen into the entire thing.
If there is a way to get this solid tip out could you please tell me?8F4A1F8A-779B-4B52-8068-577A44E3F8BE.jpegF9B57947-E035-412F-BADE-5E5DE8EFE83A.jpeg

Nigel Goodwin

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No, the tip has broken off - and the remaining 'tube' has slid back inside.

If you can find something thin and threaded, you 'may' be able to slide it down inside the aerial, screw it in the broken tube, and pull it back out - then solder a nut or something on the end. Failing that, solder a nut to the end of the existing tube that is still sticking out, and use the aerial shorter - it will make VERY little difference.

However, far easier to just measure it, and order a replacement one off Ebay etc.


Active Member
Hold the telescopic antenna at the base and shake it hard a few times to move the innermost rod out. Hold the antenna such that only the "hidden" part moves. Make sure that the "broken" end is covered by the index finger to prevent the antenna from opening out.

Get a metal wire - like 16 or 18 gauge and bend one end at 90 degrees. The bent portion should be small, maybe half mm or 1/32 inch. Introduce that into the broken end and latch it below the hidden section to pull it out.

Once that has been done, you can stick something like a round headed screw as suggested in the previous post.


New Member
Alright, I’ll try these ideas but there was never a nut on it. The upper most never had threaded or a broken part at the tip, it was an solid piece.

Anyway, Thanks for the suggestions guys


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It should look like this:

The end "knob" screws on to the centre rod in the aerial; what others have referred to as a nut. Either that has fallen off & the rod fallen back inside, or the entire centre rod has pulled clean out of the other tubes.

Replacement antennas are fairly easy to get for better known types, eg. this may be suitable:


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judging by the split at the end of the innermost tube in the first picture, the rest of the antenna may have been pulled out and is actually missing.

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