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power supply

  1. D

    MOS Tube GS Waveform Analysis

    For power supply engineers, we look at waveforms many times, including input waveforms, MOS switching waveforms, current waveforms, output diode waveforms, chip waveforms, and GS waveforms of MOS tubes. Let’s take the GS waveform of the switch as an example to talk about the GS waveform. When...
  2. Anditechnovire

    Battery charging

    Please I have some couple of 3.6v 3Ah cylindrical li-ion battery, but since I bought them, charging it became a huge problem. I first connected a single one to a 2A infinix phone charger (made in china. According to the ratings, it capable of adjusting output current and voltage to load)thinking...
  3. M

    UPS drops voltage in battery mode

    Hi there, since this is my first post in this forum, I want to introduce myself first. I am working as a foreign Community Developer and in Disaster relief in the small mountainous country of Lesotho, in southern Africa. I am a qualified electrician, have limited equipment to test onside and...
  4. G

    Need help repairing a B+K 1650 Tri-Output Power Supply

    Hi all, I recently came into possession of an old B+K 1650 Tri-Output Power Supply that has seen better days, and I would love some help with getting it back to normal again. There are pictures and a video, as well as links to the schematic, user's manual, and parts list in this Imgur album. I...
  5. D

    Need help making a variable input constant output regulator

    Hi I need Help I’m trying to make a regulator that can take variable voltage from 30v to 100v ac input to about 15v dc output if any one can help point me in the right direction or have a circuit diagram that would be great
  6. E

    Help in identifying component

    I am repairing a power supply. Please I need help in identifying the white color cylindrical component. It is labelled T1 on the PCB.
  7. daniela18

    I want to connect a Peltier Element to a 3.3V power supply

    Hi, I need help to anyone who can help me :) I want to connect a Peltier Element to a 3.3V power supply . I use TEC-40-33-127. I attached below some specifications of the device. I need your help because I don't know how to make the circuit schematic I don't know what values to choose from...
  8. 1

    Enclosure for electronics projects (power supply)

    Hi, I am searching for a cheap and good enclosure for my electronics project. What I need in this moment is an enclosure with 350mm length, 200mm wide and 150mm height. I have a few options: 1. To build this enclosure using wood - I have a few OSB wood plates at home, but I have only one hand...
  9. P

    Need Help with LED power supoply and dimmer

    We are converting legacy lighted display boxes from fluorescent to LED. We have had inconsistent results depending on the power supply/dimmer and LEDs used. Our long time electrical engineer consultant sadly passed away and we are left scratching our heads. I know some LEDs require constant...
  10. J

    Can a 5A Switched Supply Peak at Much Higher Currents?

    Are switched mosfet boosts, like this 5A device, designed to handle brief load peaks which are many times higher than it's rated 5A? http://www.xlsemi.com/datasheet/XL6019%20datasheet-English.pdf thx
  11. RobertaME

    24vdc to 12vdc converter

    So normally I can solve most electronics problems on my own, but this one has me puzzled and I created this account to see if anyone else has some thoughts. I have a 24-26vdc power source that checks for short circuits on the load line before applying full power by using a 3vdc testing voltage...
  12. W

    Current limiter for my power supply

    Recently, I bought a lab power supply, wich has no short circuit protection. Is there any component or circuit wich limits the current without any voltage losses? I know, I could use a Resistor, but they cannot output for example 2.9 amps at 1 Volt. My power supply supports 3 amps and 15 Volts...
  13. Holes Flow

    I got a request today for the impossible...

    Experts, A friend of mine travels a LOT, and they do it with 2, sometimes 3 laptops. He has about 5-10 pounds of converters & power supplies with him in a backpack, and he has been asking me for a solution. He's trying to go all USB-C (100w per spec), as many are, and these are the rough...
  14. learning

    SMPS Power Supply for LA 4440 IC

    Are this Chinese made SMPS power supply compatible with LA 4440 IC? I mean that can I use it for any audio amplifier or Bluetooth mp3 FM module? Please tell me! If I can use it, then please tell me how I can do it?
  15. mheruian

    In-depth Battery Knowledge inquiry

    Hi, I'm new to electronics and I've been starting a project of my own which is a charger (since i though i should start first at power electronics since its all about electricity before pursuing switching electronics or automation). I had previously created a charging system (using the li-ion...
  16. Matienzo

    How to properly power a heating element to stay within a range?

    Hello everyone! The title pretty much says it. I'm using two heating elements to heat up a vessel of about 4 in^3 and this is the way I'm thinking about doing it. (senior ME student here so please easy with the jargon) So here is the way I'm wiring the thingy: The problem with this setup...
  17. E

    Vizio m65-c1 Power supply board

    Having a problem finding the problem on the power supply board. The board turns on and off in a 2 hz pattern. Checked the input capacitors and they are all good and never drain even after remove the input supply. Tested all the mosfets and they check out good. Checked the opto isolators and...
  18. S

    Strange error with actuators powered by same power supply

    What I have: I am using a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller to operate 3 actuators. They are all 0-10VDC signal, and 0-24VAC power. I am using a 24VDC power supply with a voltage divider to create a 10VDC rail on a breadboard. Each of the actuators has its own MOSFET, which controls the exact signal...
  19. K

    Transistor regulated power supply problem

    this is the schematic ive built. Its designed to give an adjustable output of 35-50v, the question is which part do i have to change to make it work below 35v. I have this connected to a 24v transformer and all it gives out is 35v(no matter the pot position). I know this is very simple for some.
  20. J

    120W - 2N3055 Power Supply Progress

    Since my first thread on this Forum a few months ago quite a lot has happened. Firstly I must thank spec for all is help and advice. He has the patience of a saint and can come down to the level of a moron.:):oops: Secondly a slow realisation of what building a power supply means has occurred...
  21. IsaacN

    Power supply project

    I pretend to build a power supply based on a 230v to 30v transformer, my power supply needs to have a 0v-30v variable output and also +15v, -15v and +5v fixed output, using preferably the LM117 to regulate the 0v-30v variable output. I will also need a second +5v output to connect a USB port and...
  22. J

    2N3055 and heat

    I have a 52V transformer that after rect. produces 3.3A at 52V. I wish to use either a LM317 or a LM338 with 2N3055 power transistors. If you run 2N3055's in parallel you are suppose d to have a resistor like a 0.1Ohm 10W from each emitter so that thermal runaway doesn't take place.Surely the...
  23. M

    Portable power pack

    OK so I'm after a bit of wisdom here, I've built a portable power pack for camping, fishing, festivals etc and am struggling to understand the ah and how many charges I should be getting out of it etc so here's a couple of questions I was hoping you guys could help with . . So its all wired up...
  24. JamesC13

    Lab bench testing power supply breadboard?

    Hi so this is my first post to this site I do apologize if it has the wrong area I was given a basically what I think is a variable power supply, the terms for me getting this nice thing for free was the fact that it is old one and had been through a fire so it was not damaged however had smoke...
  25. H

    Discrete Voltage Regulator (0-300V Input)

    I got a high voltage regulator (Discrete using BJTs)..Attaching the circuit..would like to calculate the biasing values how its been arrived..the load at Q2A switch from 0 and 1.3A..If any one can help on theoretical calculation would be helpful

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