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  1. G

    Design an 8-bit adder block that can add any two 8-bit registers from a bank of 10 registers and store the result again in any one of them.

    Hello, I am engineering student in Turkey. Our teacher gave us a homework. I took care of all but this question. But I couldn't do this question. It is very complicated, I just could not put it in my mind. Can you help me? Thank you
  2. S

    Digital Pregnancy/Drug/Diagnostic test

    Hi All I work for a medical diagnostic company which develops drug/malaria/HIV/etc diagnostic tests. I have been tasked with the role of learning and developing a digital display to mitigate human error when reading the results. I was guided to look at the ClearBlue pregnancy test (with LCD...
  3. E

    LNA design in AWR

    AWR schematic uses 2x25 and 2x50 Transistors from .15um WIN PE15 process to design a LNA that operates in Ka-band. Can I use the same design for Ku band from Ka design? If yes, why can we use it? How can I change it to be a KU band (12-16Ghz)? I have attached the awr file if needed. I would like...
  4. J

    Subthreshold Transconductance Amplifier Design

    As part of a broader project, I am designing IC circuit using CMOS to one of the first steps I'm working on is the filtering a series of pulses with of the noise. The actual pulses are around 1 kHz so I am implementing 2nd order sallen-key high pass filter. Since the capacitance is limited to...
  5. S

    Simple PCB design help

    Hello, I am currently working on a project where i want to replace the switches in a guitar hero guitar, in my case the world tour one. The current problem is that the stock switches are really bad and wear out easily to the point where they miss strums, so to remedy this i have mechanical...
  6. M

    IR LED Powering Circuit - Design Viability Check Needed

    I have been tasked with designing and building a device that will use a .4V Peak to Peak amplitude voltage source to power 5 IR LED's in parallel. I have attached my design schematic, which includes a low pass filter amplifier with a cutoff frequency of 120Hz and a gain of 101 (though the opamp...
  7. A

    Battery Management System Design

    Hi all I am in the process of designning a battery measurement and balancing system I was thinking of using a TI BQ76930, I am following the design guidelines found on pages 4-7 (http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/tiduar8b/tiduar8b.pdf). The main issue I am having with this design is identifiying the...
  8. delta-9

    Clone PCB's and Forum Rules

    Where is the boundary of forum rules, when asking questions regarding recreating/altering a circuit from an electronic product that somebody never designed. Is it ok to get advice or assistance in relation as long as not posting full schematics or routing. Google search of legalities of pcb...
  9. N

    Proximity alarm project

    Hey guys, new to this forum and would really appreciate your help :) I am making an alarm which will trigger a buzzer from about 30ft away and a noise which will help you find the object that you had lost. In perspective I am making a lost and found type of device. Whilst there are similar...
  10. Aashi

    PIC24FJ64GB002 Project

    Hi, I'm using pic24fj64gb002 for my project. In this project i want to read the output(values) from the Ignition and AC of a car. That is i want to know whether the ignition and ac of the car is ON or OFF. How can i do this and what are the required components? The output of this should be...
  11. Donny_97

    Pan/Tilt Head need help designing circuit

    Hello everybody, I am planning on making a motorized Pan/Tilt head to go on a camera jibcrane. My electronics knowledge isn't too well, so I'd wanted to ask all the amazing people here. My plan was to use two 12volt DC motors, powered by a battery pack, to drive the axis, controlled by a...
  12. WHYnot86

    Circuit design assistance needed

    Hi I am trying to put together a circuit that has 3 buttons for control. Button 1: Power on/Select output Button 2: Enable output Button 3: Power off Each output needs to oscillate the same bank of LEDs but at 5 different preset frequencies (frequency preset chosen with select button). It...
  13. WillowWaily

    I'm trying to make a new kind of Zoetrope... and measure earth's gravitational acceleration.

    Maybe you all can help! I am a physics major and electronics is not my strength. Here’s the situation: I have certain materials with which I need to accomplish a certain task (that being, to make my zoetrope) I. The task • Make a stepper motor rotate at certain rpms. • Make 5 LED’s flash...
  14. J

    Questions about turbine design

    I am designing a 2D picture to build a small turbine. The idea is to laser cut acrylic layers to "extrude" it. The main questions I have is about the design and the measures. You can see the concept here. I want the blades as closed as possible to the other piece. How many millimeters are...

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