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  1. W

    Current rating of capacitors

    This is probably an obvious question, but if I were to discharge 5 kV from a capacitor bank through a circuit with a resistance of 100 ohms, that capacitor would have to be able to withstand 500 Amps right? If the discharge pulse was VERY fast (milliseconds) would this make a difference...
  2. S

    Graphene, batteries and capacitors

    Hi there, It's widely predicted that graphene is going to revolutionise batteries and capacitors and hence the convenience of using gadgets, electric cars... etc I would like to build, and play with, a home made capacitor using graphene. However, i have no idea where to buy graphene or...
  3. robertmaks

    Capacitor List/Rating Website

    Hi, I recently made a website for seeing the quality of capacitors and thought some of you guys would be interested. I put a HUGE list together rating capacitors and giving a popular application of the capacitors. I made the site myself and wrote it in html; and I am running it on my own server...
  4. B

    Difference in Capacitor Series

    I have tried to look for information online about this but I always get information on connecting capacitors in series. What I am looking for is what the different series of capacitors are. IE. M, NHG, FM, FC, FK and why you would choose one over the other. Thank you for your help.
  5. J

    How to light an incandescent bulb using capacitors?

    I am just learning and playing with electronics and I want to light a bulb with one or more capacitors for a few seconds. The bulb would be 25 watts, 250 Volts. So I would like to know the values of the capacitor that I need and what kind they should be.

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