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Capacitor List/Rating Website

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Hi, I recently made a website for seeing the quality of capacitors and thought some of you guys would be interested.

I put a HUGE list together rating capacitors and giving a popular application of the capacitors. I made the site myself and wrote it in html; and I am running it on my own server just for the fun of it. I tried my best to make it look modern and a site you would want to look at and something you would want to go back to because it looks good overall.

I also would appreciate if you guys can shoot me an email(address on site) on what I should change to make it better; add a brand or change a rating, I want this site something to reference and something you'll all like. I hope you enjoy, it took a while.

Oh and the site: capacitorlist.com

Info for the server Nerds:
Ubuntu 16.04(Apache)
IBM M3 x3650(virtualized esxi)
48GB of ram (using 12 for the site)(I know its overkill)
2 of 8 cores of Xeons
Enterprise Minuteman UPS
Dell Switch and Custom Router
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