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  1. A

    N-MOSFET as AC switch, triggered by DC (Hypothesis).

    Read about N-CHANNEL MOSFET’s. Gate and Base act as a capacitor; When gate reaches Threshold Voltage it allows current to flow from Drain to Source terminals by attracting negative charged electrons in between, constructing a conductive bridge. It is easy to select two oposite charges on DC...
  2. J

    SMD Electrolytic Capacitor: Decoding Capacitance & Voltage Rating

    I have an old accelerator board used in the PDS slot of an Apple Macintosh SE/30. The board was manufactured around 1994. I want to replace the electrolytic capacitors but I'm not sure how to decode the numbers printed on the caps. Here's a photo: As you can see the numbers are: 22 6 A...
  3. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Measuring DC/DC Isolation Capacitance

    Hi there, I'm working on an EMC Control Plan for a product in my company and I'm trying to simplify all the testing processes as we're doing them in house. So there's one EMC that states the following: "Secondary power supplies generated by the equipment’s internal DC/DC converter shall respect...
  4. J

    Capacitance-Inductance meter without instruction manual. How I use it?

    I have bought a capacitance and inductance meter from a 2nd hand shop and there is not manual. So I don't know how to use it. I don't want to damage the device, so I have searched in the net and I have found some information about the mode 6243. My model is 6243+, so I attach some pictures and I...

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