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XR8038 to make function generator

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Hi Guys,

I am impressed to see such a wonderful forum dedicated to the facilitating world of electronics. Hats of to the host and you guys who give advice and share ideas/information. I would like to build a function generator using XR8038 chip. Can anyone send or tell me where I can find a circuit diagram for this please?

Your help will be appreciated.

Many thanks,



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Hmmm... German company Exar is?

I found the datasheet for it here:


It looks pretty straight forward. Only a couple of external resistors are needed for adjustments.

Why don't you create a design using the datasheet as a reference and then post your schematic. We can help spot problems / improvements.

Try it!

It might just work first time (since the part does all the hard work of generating the waveforms!)



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Try to find Exar appnote TAN005 (i have) it contains a complete scheme.Also recommend for consideration MAX038 d'sheet: it is enhanced version from Maxim-Dallas and working up to 20MHz! (the ICL and XR go very hard up to 1MHz.)


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Thanks I will have a look at the appnote. But what I did find was that it was indeed a 50 hz harmonic plaging me. Would it be because the circuit was designed in another country and the caps used for leveling the AC voltage may not be correct for South Africa? Our power network must obviously be 50 Hz, otherwise where does this come from :?: I did turn the back of the metal box around to make sure that it does not directly come from the transformer.

But there was no improvement!!
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