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wood stove fan ideas

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I would like to have 2 small fans 12v dc (out of old pc's) turn on at about 100-120 degrees F and stay running to draw the heat from the sides of the wood stove and push the hot air into the room.
what kind of snap disc should i use ?
output from the transformer ac/dc is 12 vdc and 1.2 amps 30 watts
the fans 2 of them on same transformer are 12v dc and 1.2 amps

i want the fans to turn on at 100-120F

do i just connect the snap disc in line with the fans ? before the fans i am guessing.

The fans and snap dis will be mounted on a metal sheet about 4-5 inches from the fan sides. The stove outer housing which is light sheet steel.

any help for this newb would be great..
diaghrams are good too

thanks in advance.



I wouldn't use PC fans. They aren't made to move that much air. Find a high volum blower instead.


No I don't. It it were me, I'd look at some other forced air designs to get an idea of the cubic feet/minute required, then check out e-bay and other surplus stores.


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I'm not trying to be overly technical about your use of the word "draw", but I think you're going to want to blow air in to the chamber around the firebox, not suck it out, that way your fan is not operating in the hot air.
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To me having a little forced air movement is better than no forced air movement. You are correct on the just using the snap disk thermostats. jut put it in-line with the power source as you are thinking.

As far as set up I would recommend placing them as low as you can or in a position where they wont get too much radiant heat directed on them.
The plastic bodies warp rather easy from higher levels of heat. As long as they are pushing the cool air through them they will work fine. Using them to draw hot air out of the fireplace will quickly destroy them.
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