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wind turbine


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I like using Getty's servo motors myself being they are low speed and very high torque. Granted they are industrial permanent magnet DC motors but they stand up well to tremendous abuse and overloading. ;)

I have yet to burn one out or even damage one even after getting knocked off of towers when when several of my crappy "so called commercial" fiberglass blades repeatedly failed. Expect to pay big money for a good used one though! :(


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For a first time dumpster dive wind genny I'd look for a fisher & paykel or LG washing machine motor as they are basically huge stepper motors and with a simple re-wire they can be any phase you choose. but as they are basically plastic don't expect them to last forever.....


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For cheap and fairly reliable treadmill motors are another thing to look for. I have picked a few PM ones out of the junkyard and dump grounds for near nothing that where rated at 2 HP 180 VDC continuous duty and at around 1200 - 1500 RPM.

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