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whrilpool washer motor mod.#113

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How do i wire it so i can use the pump,i get it to run but i can't get the pump to work.it was working fine when i took it off the washer,now it won't pump no water


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I'm guessing you mean the pump motor, rather than a main motor (that turns the drum) that also has a pump attached??

So something like this:

If it's running, it should pump OK - but remember a washing machine pump relies on water running in to it by gravity, it cannot "suck" only pump water out after it's run in.

What are you trying to pump and how is the pump arranged in relation to the liquid source?
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just water.my washer broke down annd had to get another one so i just thought i would make punp out of the motor just have when i may need it.just playing around mostly.
okay so that is what it is,i didn't know that,i knew it sure is not much to that pump though.


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Washing machine pumps usually have big clearances so the do not clog up easily.

The principle is pretty much the same as a "snail fan" for moving air - a centrifugal pump where the rotor spins and throws the air/water outward until it finds the exit pipe or hole.

Some washer pumps are designed to run either way & reverse if something causes a jam, so that type may be more symmetrical rather than have the "snail" spiral outer shape.
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i sure thank you for the reply i have learned something new today,i just thought all pumps sucked .i knew it worked well on the washer and i didn'tdo nothing but take the motor off,guess iwill find a new project to do with that motor now.maybe a grinder or something.


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You can sometimes use centrifugal pumps with "lift" situations where they are above water, but to do that they need a pickup valve at the end of the inlet pipe (a "foot valve", so water cannot run back) and they need priming by filling with water first, so they have something to work with.

That's a system often used with farm irrigation pumps: http://www.fao.org/docrep/010/ah810e/AH810E115.gif

A valve after the pump is closed so it's sealed, then the hand pump is used to pump all the air out, until the inlet pipe and pump are full of water. It's then started and the outlet valve opened.

The type of pump that "just works" with suction applications is called positive displacement. With those, pomp rotation is directly connected to fluid flow, rather than relying on inertia.

Gear pumps and vane pumps are two common styles of those.

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