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Which Programming language??

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Hi guys,

I'm a recent begginner to PIC programming, and i'm about to hit the shelves for some reference books. At the moment i have a choice between a book which teachs the BASIC language in programming or I can choose to buy the book which teaches me the Assembly language.Which should i choose???

Is "C" any good or of any ease to use?

I'm really only asking people who have had experience with both languages, But if you can help that would be great!


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C and C++ really show there power on bigger systems (like on the PC). But for use on pic's i think you can get equally far with C or Basic.
Just choose what seems like the easest to use for you.


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If you have the time do C...... Basic you will pick up really fast later.... but if you have to do it fast learn Basic...... If you really have the time and willingness then after doing C do assembly....



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You should learn Assembly first,,cause you will learn how PIC's hardware and software interface better ,,
also if you are going to work on small projects tyou dont need to learn C,althogh the C is more powerfull.
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