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which programming language ?

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hello ;

i am a student , i want to learn a computer programming language , i want to know which language is the best language for working with ports , controlling robots , and other electronics designs .



You are probably going to end up learning a few. C++ seems to be one of the most common. There are a lot of Basic compilers available now for microcontrollers and they are easy to use. I am not a fan of assembly languages. You may be able to fit more in a particular controller but the extra time it takes gets prohibitive on the job.

Look around online for a few tutorials, try wrting some "Hello World" programs and see what you like.


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thanks ,

and how is delphi for my learning , it is easier to learn for me , because my brother knows it , is it a good language to work with ports of pc ?


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Delphi is a tool of the devil, Object Pascal is horrible and in-consistant.

I would recomend avoiding anything by Borland, they have made too many errors in the terms of reliablility of the compiler to ever be trusted again.

C is a simple language for accessing ports etc.
in Microsoft C++ 6
are the functions used for port control, if your running an NT based windows, have problems accessing the parport from user-mode. The standard way around this is a device driver that changes the Input/Output Permission Bit-Map for that process, to allow access to that port.

This method i first noticed in Dr Dobb's Journel, but a good version based on this principle is here at


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C is the closest thing to a universal programming language if there was such as thing. With C you can program PICs, PCs, PDAs, and most other things. Also keep in mind that once you truely understand the main concepts of programming learning a new language will b much easier. Most languages are similar in on way or another. You just need to learn the intructions, functions, and/or API for the device you want to program. So concentrate more on the algoithms and basic programming logic used in a language. That's the most import if you want to use more than one language. Each language is good for certain things. So the more you know the better.
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