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Where to get remote controller?

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I apologize if this post sounds dumb; I'm not an electronics person.

I am looking for a remote control unit that can operate a 12v motor (a motor that can pull a line with less than one pound on the end at speeds up to 50 mph)...the one that I saw being used had a gun as the control handle and the trigger controlled the speed at which the motor turned. Both the gun and the machine had antennas.

When I type in remote control and any variations around this I get tons of hits on Google for things I am not looking for.

Is there a particular name for this type of remote controller unit, so I could do a more specific search or does anyone know where I could purchase something like this?

Thanks for saving me tons of google time,



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Yeah - go to a hobby shop, tell the guy you want a "brushless ESC/Motor Combo" that can run at 12V and rated for about 60A. (ESC = Electronic Speed Controller).

Plugs right into the remote control receiver. Get the kind designed for RC cars instead of planes.

You making one of those sighthound dog chaser string things?
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