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Where to find a parabolic dish?

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I'm just kiddin' with ya chemelec.Those are very simple designs.I will build it ans see what happens.I might play a little with it so I might breadboard it first to do the playing.You're a GREAT guy chemelec and thank you for the offer.In so far as Noir's search for the dish, Edmund Scientific are the only ones I've seen.The others are made by Telinga for nature stuff.They are based out of Sweden so you need to convert the currency.Seems like the dishes were like for $100 USD but I might be wrong.Do a Google search for Telinga and Noir will see it.I'm gonna stick with the RCA DTV dish at the moment.Might even put a "scope" system on it to find the target sound once I get it aligned to begin with.Has anyone brought the hotdogs and fries yet? :lol:


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ShortCircuit said:
Has anyone brought the hotdogs and fries yet?
Get out your binoculars. Snoop on the hot teen girls across the street and you'll see that they have everything ready for the party.
If you ever get the dish working you'll hear them talking about you. :lol:
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