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What Type of Battery or Power Source Should I use For An Coil Gun

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I am making a coil gun with a classmate, and we are doing it as a home science project. We have the basic idea of how a coil gun works and how dangerous it can be, but we still are confused about what power supply we should buy. We want the power source to charge the capacitor bank for around forty-five seconds. I am unsure if it is overkill we just want it to the point where it can fire different rounds in the shortest, safest way possible without it being hundreds of U.S dollars.

p.s- and is there any specific type or brand of capacitor you need to use for a coil gun


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Hello famhumbou, welcome to ETO. I hate to do this, but I am going to need to lock this thread while the moderators determine whether or not coilguns are an allowed topic here. We generally avoid conversations about particularly dangerous projects such as this.

Please feel free to browse the forums though while we make a decision.

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