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coil gun

  1. F

    What Type of Battery or Power Source Should I use For An Coil Gun

    I am making a coil gun with a classmate, and we are doing it as a home science project. We have the basic idea of how a coil gun works and how dangerous it can be, but we still are confused about what power supply we should buy. We want the power source to charge the capacitor bank for around...
  2. savaslt

    Very interesting device development (projector, camera, wireless charging, fingerprint all-in-one)

    Hey! I just registred here several moments ago because I am currently working on my own project and I've got a lot of questions on electronics, sensors, gadgets right now because the project requires a lot of knowledge in it but unfortunately I don't have, so I came here. Let's move on the...
  3. A

    Need help with schematics

    First of all let me tell you that I have next to zero knowledge about electronics. I am a newly retired accounting/finance man and I am trying to make something electronic so I really need your help with these question to begin with: I just purchased a home-made strobo light device that uses a...

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