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What does Vcc stand for?

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I dont know what Vcc means.

Please tell me or point me in the direction of an answer.

I went looking in uni library but didnt find an answer.




If I can remember correct ,when you are talking of TTL integrated circuits & timers logic 1 (or positive terminal) is referred to as Vcc and COMS types it is referred to as Vdd.
Thanks Ravi

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I am still trying to sort out my circuit. Not that I have had much time to do it.

Thanks for your earlier replies by the way.




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Whenever the supply to a Transister (or TTL circuit) is connected between the collector and ground it is a standard to notify it as Vcc.
If you connect the supply between Base and ground we will call it Vbb
and the same goes with Vee for emitter to ground. Since there is no notion to identify ground (0) this method was simply adopted.
This method is a standard specified by IEEE.
This information was obtained by me from the book 'Digital Electronics' by Malvino and Leech.
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