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What basic electronics book do you recommend :))

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Super Mario

New Member
I have circuit analysis book which is good,so i need basic electronics(diodes,transistors,..etc)......

help me please because I feel furstrated :cry:


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basic electronics books

You may follow following books for basic electronics
-Basic electronics by(Grabel)

Sherif Welsen

New Member
Art of Electronics, is a very good book.
You have to get it whenever you are dealing with electronics.


For power components, I like Mohan's Power Electronics book. For diodes/bjts/mosfets, I have a set of books that my university published. They are very good books, but I do not believe they are in print anymore.


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Electronic Principles (6th Ed) by Malvino
Electronic Devices and Circuits (4th Ed)by David Bell


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Digital system book & control system book

I want to buy a good digital system & a control system book which will help me in my preparation for GATE 2010....Books should be available in indian market..Can anybody help me in this...:eek:
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