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What are these called?

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M Godwin

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In the attached picture what are the silver and brass color connectors called? Any idea where I can purchase similar items?


MG 20170115_202147.jpg


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It's hard for me to tell what in the image you are even referring to. Those wires appear to just be soldered to ordinary pieces of sheet metal.

I think we need a bit more context here to tell what is going on. What even is this thing? A more detailed explanation of what this device is and what you are trying to do would be massively helpful.


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Hmmm. Toys from that era were often a lot more mechanical than electrical in nature. They mostly used moving mechanical parts to make electrical connections and would not have relied on standard electrical parts per se. If by "connectors" you mean those two strips of metal that fold under into the body of the remote control, they don't look like any kind of conventional electronics component to me.

The stamped/folded sheet metal pieces in the image look like the kind of thing that were tooled up specifically for this toy and produced in bulk quantities. Mechanical hardware isn't my forte, but I doubt that they are any kind of standard part that could be bought easily nowadays. Unless there is some kind of service manual for this toy and if they have no part numbers, then I don't see how you would find NOS parts easily, either.

For something of this age/specificity, you may have to resort to fabricating parts to replace it with, or perhaps scrapping some out of a parts unit if such a thing is available.


It looks like some sort of back and forth mechanical switch. If so, you may be able to use a plastic (or metal) wheel with a hole in it and use a small IR LED-Detector to mimic its function. Just a thought.


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see if you can get hold of some old relay contacts, ex Telco exchange. they are often made of beryllium copper.
go to an electrical surplus store, and see what they have.
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