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Voltage Division Question

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Hi guys,
I am a total noob and just learned voltage division. I was given this circuit and was wondering why it is appropriate to apply voltage division across the 60 and 20 ohm resistors.


I know they are in series which is the basis for voltage division, however the 45 ohm resistor on the top makes me question whether voltage division is allowed here.

Thanks for the help.


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Because the 60ohm-20ohm series is in parallel with everything in else in the circuit. It's a completely independent branch as far as the voltage supply is concerned. The circuit is just drawn in a way that is misleading. Try re-drawing the circuit with it divided into 3 vertical columns on the page. The voltage source in the leftmost column. The 60-20ohm resistor in t he middle column, and everything else in the leftmost column.
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