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voltage divider

  1. C

    Voltage Division Question

    Hi guys, I'm working on a problem here where I believe one of the steps uses voltage division to find the voltage across the 10ohm resistor. However, that's not how the solution found the voltage across the 10ohm resistor. I was trying to find the voltage across the 40ohm resistor first and...
  2. C

    Voltage Division Question

    Hi guys, I am a total noob and just learned voltage division. I was given this circuit and was wondering why it is appropriate to apply voltage division across the 60 and 20 ohm resistors. I know they are in series which is the basis for voltage division, however the 45 ohm resistor on the...
  3. Lin4Fun

    IFC Engine- & enviroment analog sensordata to NME2000 bus through Teensy3.6 (marine application)

    Hello, I am working on a DIY project to interface a lot of signals to a NMEA2000 bus to be able to controle an older analog engine and other sensors with a new multi function display. To do so I am using Arduino / Teensy microcontroller together with a NMEA2K library. I started to design the...

    A Wearable Sound-to-light Display

    Hi there, Someone has posted it online, but I need to explain it more clearly. Take a look in the circuit, 1. First stage of the amplifier looks non inverting inputs are getting voltage drop, using divider R2 and R4, while inverting input is connected with same voltage source droping at R1...
  5. A

    High power voltage divider

    Hi, Does anyone have any good ideas how one could build a voltage divider that can actually deliver decent current (2-3A). The traditional resistor network would not work for obvious reasons. I want to use this on my drone, the autopilot can take between a 3 and 6 cell battery but I want to...

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