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How about some how-to and robots in action and other videos.

Proper Soldering Video.
Removing Solder with coper braid (not a solder sucker)
Proper way to etch a board

All this could be made by our members and send to the webmaster for publishing.

Just thought it would be nice to see in realtime some skills of others in the trade.


Yes, this is a great idea.

Hosting the videos would not be a problem I could even start another forum called "Members Video Tutorials" or something like that. But finding someone that has the equipement and making them is always a hard part.

Do you know anyone that would be able to make them?


I might be able to convice my boss that our first-year apprentices should make some of these videos, as they could be used at our workplace, as well as at ETO.

Unfortunately, I can't give you a timeframe for this, as I usually see my boss once a week at most.


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Standards ?

I think some ground rules should be set for...
format - mabe QT or AVI ?
filesize - I use ye olde dialup access, a 100MB file would never download ?

It would be nice to avoid dozens of formats and DVD-size files
what do you think? ... flame away!


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format regulation yes, but file size could be solved by reating part 1 2 and 3 too the video.

How many people here have atleast a cheap video cam they could use for this project

I do. I will have to wait a few weeks befor getting started since im in the process of buying a new house


Hi guys,

Yes, I feel for your mechie! I am on a 56k too :cry:

I do think the best way would be to have the videos set up with two downloadable versions, one for high bandwidth and one for low bandwidth users. And maybe for the low bandwidth users the videos are split up into resonable sized files for one video.

File Sizes:
Broadband - 50-100MB
56Kusers - 10-30MB

Some standards such as:
* Recording resolution at least 480X640 (i think thats tv size?) or higher (we can always lower the quality).
* Record with standard AVI codex.

They are all just suggests at this time, more are welcome!

Someone Electro

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Like even on a 1000KB/s(like i have) downloading a 100MB file a be some waiting(at not so good conection 30 min)

You will need to have a server whit more than 1 GB of space

Well is you ruun your own server its not a problem!(on a 56k conection i dont think so)
Wen someone hosts ti it can be a problem!
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