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Very simple function RF device

Discussion in 'Electronic Projects Design/Ideas/Reviews' started by dimensionfx, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. dimensionfx

    dimensionfx New Member

    Jan 15, 2003
    Hi and thanx to all the people for their wonderful help on my last problem. Unfortunately, down here they don't sell much stuff in electronics (you can't get a PCB for goodness sake..lol). Anyway, with the sound transmission eleminated, I thought of another thing. A very simple two piece device - when a switch is pressed on one device, an LED, or a small bulb should on on the other. Basically a wireless light switch. If not an LED / light circuit, I'm sure a buzzer/door bell wouldn't complicate matters that much (ie if the diagram is not available). The system of transmission between the two should be wireless - preferrably Infrared LED or through RF. The only problem with RF is getting both the transmitter and reciever to interact on the same frequency. I have only 3 weeks remaining to submit my project - pls help.... I really need this help. If possible, could the circuit diagram/ construction instructions be accompanied by the functions/uses of the respective devices. Thanx. Replies gr8ly appreciated.

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