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Using ITO plate from LCD as homemade solar cell

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I have a bunch of old LCD panels (not repairable) and was wondering what to do with them.

I can peel off the diffuser and polarizing layers easy enough, and have got down to the two glass plates that presumably have Indium Tin Oxide coatings on the inside to address the LCD cells. This could then be used to make homemade solar cells or other things.

I'd like to separate the plates...does anyone know how to do this without damaging the ITO coating.

I presume the method would be to heat it up till the adhesive bonding the layers fails....but what temp is this? What happens when the liquid crystal inside starts to expand and bubble...will it crack the display.

Another alternative would be to snap or cut the display around the edges.....whats a controllable way of doing this?

Note I know the ITO layers will be in rows and columns on the two plates, I've experimented successfully already by joining them with silver 'conductive ink'.

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