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Using ICs on breadboard

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So i was reading a tutorial on 555s and i decided to follow their instructions and build this little thing on breadboard. so my question is, how do i stick an IC on breadboard without it connecting some of the pins?

if i put it vertically, the pins opposite each other are connected.
if i put it horozontally, the pins in line are connected.

what the heck? i'm sure there is a way to do this.



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You can only connect ICs in between two sections of the breadboard which are separated by a channel. This channel is exactly in the centre of the breadboard and your IC pins should go on the either side of it.
I know its difficult ot explain without a picture. Here is a picture of IC mounted on bread board. Read the tutorial.


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Sounds like you have one of the white - re-useable project boards. If that is the case, there is an indent running the length of the board. Place your IC with half the pins on each side of the indent.


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ahhh so easy hehe

it is called "Jameco Breadboard JE25"

so i am right to call it "breadboard" and the green/brown stuff you solder on protoboard?
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