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Smart strobe light

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Possibly OP-AMP?

You can probably set up an OP-AMP to detect the high beat spikes, then have the output of this drive your strobe circuit maybe?

But Im no expert in audio stuff so I cant say for sure.


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Yes, i was thinking some sort of microphone input, a low-pass filter (active most likely) to eliminate unwanted signal,...feed that to a comparator that you have configured for a minimum level (you dont want a quiet signal trigering it).
You then will take the compatator ouput to a one-shot circuit (555 timer?)(this will allow a long comparator output signal to flash the light, not keep it lit), then use that for the trigger to the strobe circuit. This is where i have no knowledge,...a strobe is going to need a high voltage setup i think.

but this is all off the top of my head


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Mine was microprocessor controlled but I built it in 1984 not 2002.

The source code is on 8" floppies but it still works so that doesn't matter.
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