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using a nano clone lcd display as a video monitor

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i am new to this forum. Hi!
hopefully someone will be able to help with this idea.
i have a ipod nano clone. it has a 1" lcd display.
i need to know if it is possible to track down where the video input would be and use it as a monitor for a backup camera in a car.
i would just need to find which leads are video + and video -
please help.!
i could buy a larger monitor off ebay but would rather have this tiny one as it could be more easily placed in several spots in the vehicle without looking cheesy like having a gps, then a second monitor most of which are at least 3-4"
ps i do not know the manufacturer of the ipod clone, but they are flooded on ebay around the 20.00 range...but none say manufacturer...


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Chances are it has proprietory driving circuit for a custom made LCD display and won't have anywhere with a standard composite video point that you can tap off.
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