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Used Component Characteristics Vs New

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Hi Everybody,

I was reading an article about Opamps & it was said that with use over time, especially years that Opamps will change output characteristics compared to a new one even if from the same original batch.

My question is:

What exactly changes, does the output amplitude etc change or if the circuit started out as a square wave output will it over many years of use start to round the corners off the square wave output etc?

Also can you pre age components like opamps to get a certain type of characteristic that an older one of the same type displays?

Thank You!


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The input offset voltage might change 1mV or less over time.
The input bias current might change a little.
The changes are insignificant.

But the output amplitude and frequency response will not change.

Maybe NASA pre-ages parts in an oven. You don't need to do that.


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Hi Audioguru,

Thanks for the reply, the article i was reading made quite a big deal about aged Opamps compared to new so i thought i would ask the question.

Your answer makes more sense & i'll stick with that!

Thank You.
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